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Diploma of Human Resources Management

The current coronavirus pandemic has shaken up the world of work, with many industries facing job losses while others have seen an increase in demand. However, one industry stands out as a potential benefactor, with many jobs predicted to be created in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis.

The industry in question is human resources, and it is expected to experience a post-pandemic boom thanks to businesses restarting recruitment and refining their wellbeing processes.  Human resources will also be more important than ever as businesses explore ways to reorganise their business structure to help employees settle back into the routines of working life.

A day in the life of a human resources professional is dynamic, with tasks ranging from recruitment and training to compensation, employee benefits and labour relations. These areas will all be of utmost importance to businesses as they resume their regular operations, meaning human resources professionals will be in great demand as we begin to emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

As the field of Human Resources is quite broad, there is opportunity for professionals to gain expertise in specific areas. This may include management roles, or more niche areas such as personnel analysis or compensation specialist. Whatever your interests may be, there is ample opportunity to explore the finer points of human resources as your career goes on.

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