Logistics, Project Management and Leadership

It is estimated that the logistics industry in Australia will account for 8.6 per cent of GDP, employing over 1,000,000 Australians, get ahead of the pack, get qualified with the Diploma of Logistics and the Diploma of Leadership and Management

The job of Logistics Manager is fast becoming one of the key roles in the business. As manufacturing and production activity in Australia declines, the ability to effectively, efficiently and correctly manage your supply chain from overseas to your customer is becoming a pivotal role in many organisations.

BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Get the skills, knowledge and qualification you need to confidently and competently step up into a management role. This diploma has been created in consultation with industry to provide you with practical, work based skills to lead and manage people (complete 12 units)

TLI50415 Diploma of Logistics

The Logistics Diploma gives you a diverse set of learning outcomes. Upon completion, you’ll have the ability to manage people, handle freight forwarding, warehouse inventory, transport logistics and safety across a wide range of industries, making you a key employee in business and supply chain management (complete 15 units).

Double Diploma TLI50415 Diploma of Logistics and BSB51918 Leadership and Management

The Warehouse manager is being replaced by the Logistics Manager and his office is at the front of the business. Remuneration and demand for people in logistics is on the rise, with the increased accountability comes the need for real leadership and management skills. As many units in both diplomas are common, you only need to complete 19 units to get two Tertiary qualifications (rather than 12 and 15 if you did the diplomas separately).

Double Diploma TLI50415 Diploma of Logistics and BSB51415 Project Management

Effective Logistics management is becoming a key focus for Australian business, delivering and implementing supply chain improvements to everyone's expectations, within budget and expected time-frames is the role of the Project Manager. As many units in the two diploma's are common, you only need to complete 20 units to get 2 Tertiary qualifications (rather than 15 and 12 if you did the diplomas separately).