Study Is On Sale This September at National Training

Study Is On Sale This September at National Training

If you’re interested in upskilling via a tertiary qualification, look no further than National Training’s current specials on a range of industry-recognised diploma courses. From human resources management to business administration, there are plenty of single and double diplomas to study for the discounted price of $1799 if you enrol before the end of September. Let’s take a look at some in-demand qualifications included in the September salethat could fast track your career.

Diploma of Business

Focus on developing your business knowledge while refining your management skills with a Diploma of Business from National Training. The self-paced learning style means that you can achieve this qualification within 2-24 months of online study, giving you the flexibility to weave study into your current lifestyle.

The Diploma in Businessis key for both budding and established businesspeople, as it teaches you how to effectively manage employees and gives insight into the behind-the-scenes process of running a business, such as payroll processes and recruitment. National Training’s Diploma of Businesscan be the first step towards starting your own company, or a handy opportunity to upskill for those already in the business world. This qualification can also give you the extra skills and knowledge needed to advance into leadership roles within your current company.

Diploma of Business Administration

This diploma is well suited to professionals in office and administration management, as it is designed to upskill across a range of industries and sectors. The Diploma of Business Administrationcan be completed within 2-24 months of study, and the online mode of delivery means that you can refine your business administration skills while you continue to work and gain that all-important industry experience.

A business administration qualification is important as it allows you to gain or improve competencies across a range of different areas – think payroll, administrative systems, WHS processes and meeting and conference management. National Training’s Diploma of Business Administrationcan equip you with the skills needed to take a step forward in your career via management roles, while also giving you the confidence to take on advanced clerical and administrative roles.

Diploma of Human Resources Management

If human resources is your dream career, consider exploring National Training’s industry-recognised Diploma of Human Resources Management. Anywhere between 2-24 months of online study can equip you with this valuable qualification, thanks to the self-paced learning style that allows you to combine work with study.

This diploma is designed to teach you how to effectively support and manage employees across different sectors and organisations, while developing knowledge in specialist areas such as recruitment, compensation and benefits, and labour and employee relations. National Training’s Diploma of Human Resourcescan prepare you for a HR role in almost every industry in Australia and abroad, while also giving you the necessary skills for jobs in human resources management.


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