Upgrade Your Career Path for $500

$500 For An Double Diploma

Ever dreamed of enhancing your career potential, but not sure how to take the next step? National Training has the solution with their current special, where you can turn your single diploma into a double qualification for just $500 extra.

Double your career potential by combining two courses into one program, allowing you to gain skills and knowledge in a multiple industries. This will make you a multi-faceted candidate in the tough job market, where your wide range of competencies across a number of fields will help to make you a stand-out in a sea of potential employees.

You may think a double diploma will mean double the time spent studying, but these qualifications from National Training will actually save you time by streamlining your learning through combined units. In less time than it would take to complete the qualifications separately, you’ll be the owner of two diplomas that could contribute to your career path.

When it comes to value for money, National Training’s current special takes the cake. For just $500 extra, you could upgrade your qualification from a single to a double diploma, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in study costs.

To double your career potential, it’s time to double up your study with National Training’s latest special. To find out more about the current double diploma offer and take the next step in your career, visit https://www.nationaltraining.edu.au/current-special/.

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