Why study with national?

Proven Track Record

Since 2006 National Training has trained over 10,000 students, achieving a completion rate of almost 60%, as an online training provider this places National Training in the top quartile of Australian online training companies.

Successful Students

National is proud of the fact that the vast majority of our enroling students are ‘inbound’ they ‘contact us’, seeking to improve work skills in their current role or developing career opportunities and future prospects, our students are keen to complete their studies (check our student reviews).

User Friendly Learning Materials

National has invested significantly in its learning materials, developed to accommodate students who have a busy life schedule, often balancing career and family. Ideal for students that have the knowledge and years of experience and need a qualification through to students that need a fully supported learning journey, building new career skills, why not take a tour of our learning materials HERE .
National uses a third party to supply its Certificate level training materials.

Designed to get you qualified

National Training owns the majority of the materials we deliver. But what does this mean for you? It means that while being fully compliant to ASQA’s standards, we have control over how our materials appear. Most RTO’s license their materials from a third party, and as a result have little flexibility over how it is delivered? Want to print your diploma materials? You can with us.


TAFE’s absolutely have their place in the VET Sector. They specialise in small classroom base study which is great for some learning styles, but tend to be quite inflexible in cost and delivery schedules. If you fail a unit you may need to wait until next year or next semester to re-sit the assessment, plus you may need to pay another set of fees.
At National you can resubmit assessments as soon as you like and as often as required, no extra fee is charged.

VET Sector RTO’s are purposed to provide quality training in workplace skills that have been developed in consultation with industry, reflecting industry’s practices, standards, role responsibilities and job requirements. The study method is flexible as well, structured to suit your needs. When deemed competent you will be issued a nationally recognised qualification, exactly the same as TAFE.